General Rules

Fee Rules

Fees should be paid on or before 10th of every month.  Defaulters will be charged a fine of Rs.5/- till 20th and thereafter Rs. 25/-will be charged after the last working day of the month.  If the fee is not paid in the following month, the parent is liable to pay a fine of Rs.50/-. If remittence is not made in the next month, the pupil will not be allowed to remain in the class.


All the pupils from LKG to XII shall attend school in full uniform.

Girls : LKG $ UKG

Check frock, grey socks, black shoes, red bow for hair.

Grades  I to V

Check pinafore, powder blue shirt (round collar only for I and II), grey socks, black shoes, red bow or bun.

Grades VI to XII

White full sleeve shirt, navy blue over coat, navy blue pants, nave blue socks, black shoes and red bun.

Wednesday LKG to V

House colour T shirt, white box pleated mini skirt, white shoes, white socks, white bow and bun.


White full sleeve shirt, white overcoat, blue pants, navy blue socks and black shoes.

Boys : LKG to Class III

Powder blue shirt, check short trouser, grey socks, black shoes.

Boys : Class IV & V

Powder blue shirt, navy blue pants, navy blue socks, black shoes.

Boys Class VI – XII

White full sleeve shirt, navy blue pants, black shoe, navy blue socks,  maroon tie with white stripes.

 (Classes XI – XII navy blue tie with white stripes).



House color T shirt, white trouser, white shoes and socks.


House color T shirt, white pants, white shoes and white socks.



The school vehicle or vehicle on contract will ply within a radius of 15kms, through prescribed routes in the morning to pick up and in the evening to drop back day-children who use such facilities. Students will be picked up at particular points on the main roads only. The fare rates are fixed proportional to the distance of the boarding points from the school. The bus passes are to be obtained in advance. The first term’s bus fee must be paid in advance at the time of issue of the bus pass. If for some reasons the student withdraws from the school bus facility, bus fee for the whole term should be paid. If school bus facility is to be discontinued for a term, permission should be obtained before the beginning of that term. School bus fee is subject to change every 5 months due to fluctuating fuel cost

. NB: School Bus facility for newly admitted students is subject to availability of seats.


Unique Features

The school can boast of a team of excellent, dedicated and experienced faculty who are veterans in their respective areas of specialization.  Our school is one of the oldest ICSE school in Kollam District. We educate for life and that is why, apart from teaching we are an institution that is convinced that we must learn as a community in an environment of respect and solidarity. Our objective is to experience learning in a positive balanced and complete way so that we can get best out of our students. Our ICSE and ISC results  vouch for our excellence.